Our Favourite Comments from YOU

Our latest Facebook competition was one of our best yet, all thanks to you guys! We love hearing about all the fun activities our followers, users, and PoochPlay Pack members do with their dogs. We asked our followers what their doggy’s favourite activity was and here were some of our favourite responses below.

Annette Ralph 
My Lilo loves running after leafs and playing pine cone football

Dog Friends

Julie Knight 
Max and Mia favourite activity is pulling each other around by their tails when they are playing with their toys

Sleeping Dog
Beth Garland 
I sometimes feel like my Labrador, Riley, is a little lamb and my name should be Mary!! His favourite thing to do is follow me around like my shadow and giving me the most amazing cuddles possible!!

Annette Louise Grogan 
My lovely Beddlington rescue pooch Larry Lamb now has a forever home with us in Keswick and loves going running over the fells and being chased......but his best game is trying to get your socks and slippers!!! He's obsessed with socks.....never destroys anything and still has his foster carers sock, that we asked for when we adopted him, so he felt at home with us!

Gina McGoldrick 
My 2year old collie lab cross Lexi just loves swimming.... can't keep her out of water no matter how cold it is... at home if you can't find her she will be hiding in the bath looking you to turn the water on lol shes a real water dog 😊 if she's not swimming she can spend all day running after a ball she never gets tired 😊

Happy dog
Debbie Meek 
Our Jack Russell Bella loves keeping fit for her agility class and entertaining herself by running fast laps around our dining table. She's a nutter! x

Winning Dog
Lucy Dawson Ralph
Our miniature schnauzer loves his off lead walks and eating toilet rolls!!!!

Cute Dog
Kath Easton 
Alfie’s favourite activity is watching Noel super vet on tv as well as other doggie stuff x

Wendy Anderson 
My Cairn Terrier’s (Harris) favourite activity is anything ball related - he is completely obsessed from the moment he gets up one is rolled at your feet to be thrown! He must have about 25 balls lying around the house and garden. A complete ball magpie - when we were on holiday in Harris last year he found and took home an additional 2 balls from the beach. He knows exactly where every ball is and doesn’t like it if you move any!

Nikita Rosie Van Rooyen 
Jaxs favourite activity is to jump up and tug on the end of a tyre swing! He literally hangs off it and has so much fun 😀

Happy dog
Emma Crabtree 
My 10 month old bloodhound puppy just loves tearing up the sand on the beach loves to countersurf and steal anything she can get the floppy jowls on 😂 in between terrorising her big little Yorkie sister!!! X

Cute dog
Rachel Louise Frampton 
My dog Hercules is a 3 and half year old Doberman. His favourite game is hide and seek with me, although I hide in the same spot each time and he can't find me :) he also loves his booma ball.

SammyLou Owen 
Honey and Fudge love playing on the beach together. They enjoy digging holes as far as Australia, finding lovely shells for me to see and best of all running around and making new doggy friends 💕

Emily Soulsby 
Darcey favourite activity is anything do to with mud after I’ve just bathed her 😩 perks of having a poodle🐩

Poodle Dog
Claire Morrison 
My border terrier cross, Tommy loves to chase balls and loves swimming in the sea. His brother Ted likes to chase balls too but lets Tommy do all the hard work and steals the ball off him once his nearly run back to me with it. My Jack Russell, Miley is a princess so doesn't like chasing balls etc, she does love a walk along the beach though. Teddy is a bit of a chunk so I could really do with one of these for him x

Cute Dogs
Monty Grant 
Monty my vizsla likes splashing through muddy puddles, putting his head down rabbit holes and rolling in fox poo 🤢

Smart Dog
Emma Larmour 
Molly the lurcher loves nothing more than chasing the squirrels in our local park! She's fast but they are always faster!! We could compare trackers - I suspect she does more 🤔
Dog Photo
Samantha Jeganathan 
My Lias favourite activity is running away from me like I am chasing her even though I’m just walking from room to room 🤦🏼‍♀️

Polly Ramm 
My little monkey Layla’s favourite activity seems to be chewing standard lamp cables!! My slippers come a close second 😂

Leanne Newell 
I have a Goldadore called Lenny.... who just loves being off the lead, took him for a run last week when he caught a squirrel !!🙄🙄 would love to know his mileage compared to mine!

Snow Dog
Kate Johnson 
Sleeping and eating are definitely favourites. If the food item is stolen then that is even better. 😀

Dog Friends
Liz Strettle 
Taiko a springer spaniel loves to run, chase leaves, run, chase birds, run, chase bubbles, run and pounce or chase anything that moves in the wind! 😜🐶

Cute Dog
Alison Hall
Noel my little rescue favourite activity is stealing ppls shoes 24 7 and hiding them. Wud love to see what he does in a day. He doesn't stop. He's like the Duracell bunny lol

Sleepy Dog

Dawn Buckley 
I have a Jack Russel named Toby. He hates all the neighbour's cats coming in his garden and chases them through the hedge. We then get our daily exercise chasing him from garden to garden. He is a little menace. 🐕🐶

Alisha Mcknight 
Charlie likes jumping into deep water. Sinking to the bottom. And then jumping off the bottom and doing it again and again and again etc

Yvette Tonks Gibson 
Annabelle loves chasing birds in the garden and Peanut loves to play tug of war with anything. They both enjoy cuddles -yes that’s an activity 😀😀

Jenna Greer 
My boy Shadow is a working cocker who loves to chase birds be they 20 feet in the sky or in the middle of a pond he just loves to try and catch them 😂🐶🐥💙 x

Winter Dog
Lorna Elliot 
Fergus my working cocker spaniel loves digging holes and burying things! He also enjoys running around with my horses in their field.

Close up dog
Caitlain Jayne Williams 
My 5 year old rescue Staffordshire bull terrier, Stella, loves going to our local field and make herself smell horrendous by rolling in fox poo😷 after a good wash she appreciates snuggling underneath the covers of my bed🐶

Active Dog
Sarah Darby 
Ellie loves to swim! She adores the water so much and looks like an otter gliding through the water swimming after her stick! 😍 It's impossible to get her away from the water once she is in and often once we have got her out she will cheekily run back in for one last go!! 😂

We had an amazing time reading everyone's comments on our Facebook competition and we would like to thank everyone who entered. If you are interested in knowing more about our PoochPlay dog activity trackers click here!