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Ravi Sharma, the founder and CEO of PoochPlay is an Electronics engineer and possesses a bachelors and a masters degree across business, marketing and management. He has been in the IT industry developing web and mobile platforms for over a decade. He has a legendary level of affection for pooches. Few years ago, he decided to use technology to better wellbeing of pooches around the world. He met a lot of vets, engineers, scientists, designers, developers and pooches, and put together a team - Team PoochPlay!

Dr Karolina Pionk, a veterinarian and the co-founder of PoochPlay explains that the most persistent disconnect that she has encountered in over a decade of veterinary practice is the owner's perception that if they have a fenced, large backyard, then their dog is active.

Dr. Ernie Ward, in his book Chow Hounds, examined this misconception. He notes that when they are initially put out in the backyard, dogs naturally run the perimeter of the yard to ensure the family "pack" borders have not been breached by intruders. The owner sees this as they turn and close the door to return inside and leave the dog to ‘exercise’. Finally when the owner opens the door, the dog is at full steam returning to the owner. The owner thinks ,”Wow, that dog never slows down!” without realising that the dog did nothing but lay around the yard during its entire time alone.

We thought that this will be a good starting point. We decided to fix this perception by creating an activity tracker that’s specially designed for dogs with an associated app that will let the owners know how active their pooch was when they weren’t looking.

The app we built does lot more than just tracking activity. It allows the dog owners to store all their important data safely in one place, with the ability to easily share this information and have reminders for something as trivial as bath and walk reminder to very important appointments like vaccinations and worm treatments.

PoochPlay app learns - It’s really smart. It will adapt itself based on the breed, health, weight and age of your dog and will set targets for you. It will later make recommendations on how much you should feed your dog based on your dog’s age, activity level, neutering status and brand of food it eats.

All in all, the idea is to use all the latest technology out there and hone it with the veterinarian advice to create something that will make the quality of life of your pooch, and hence you, better.