About us

It’s simple: we care about healthy, happy dogs and the owners that love them. It’s why everything we create is designed with only one thing in mind: dog wellbeing.

Backed up by expert advice from vets, we use connected, smart technology to improve every dog’s quality of life – and make you a better owner in the process.


Identifying the problem

We know that owners want what’s best for their pets but don’t always know how to give it to them. It’s a common misconception that dogs love to be active at all times. But as anyone who’s seen a lazy greyhound flop down by the fire will know, that’s not always the case!

So we thought this would be a good starting point. How can you make sure your dog is getting enough of the right kind of exercise, so it lives a longer, healthier life?

How could we help owners learn about the needs of their breed – and their specific pet?


Solving it

Our app is one of a kind. It will recommend food and exercise plans tailored to your dog based on breed, health, weight, sex and age, then adapt them as it learns more. Everything it learns is further honed the longer you use it – and backed up on secure cloud servers for peace of mind.

Paired with our dog-proof tracker, it can tell you precisely just how active your dog is, monitoring everything from a sniff around the garden to an afternoon nap.

The app can store all the important information about your pet, making it easy to share with family, dog walkers or the vet. And it’ll send you reminders for things as trivial as bath time to important vaccination or worming dates.


Who we are

Heading up the tech side of things is Ravi Sharma. An electronics engineer with more than ten years’ experience developing web and mobile platforms, his legendary love of dogs eventually led him to found PoochPlay. After meeting vets, engineers, scientists, designers, developers (and of course, dogs), he decided to use technology to better the wellbeing of pooches everywhere.


Where we are

Looking down on Old Street Roundabout, often colloquially known as Silicon Roundabout, owing to the prominence of technology companies here, is a roundabout located on the boundary of the London Borough of Hackney and the London Borough of Islington. This is where we are based and we operate from TechHub, which is backed up by 'Google for entrepreneurs' program. We are a UK registered limited company.