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Dog Activity tracker

Dog Activity tracker

Dog Activity tracker


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Sleek, small and waterproof, our activity tracker was created with dogs in mind. Just clip it to your dog’s existing collar, sync with the app and start tracking.

Thanks to the intuitive design, you never need to take our lightweight tracker off. Your pooch can swim, bathe and roll in mud – we made it totally dog proof.

All this tracked activity helps ensure your dog gets the exercise it needs and helps vets like us diagnose potential health problems, faster.

The easy to replace battery lasts over six months while an impressive memory stores up to seven days of data – all backed up on secure cloud servers, so you never lose a thing. And it automatically connects to your phone whenever you’re around to update the app right away.


Activity tracker for dogs

Our app and tracker work in harmony to bring accurate insight into your dog’s complete wellbeing.

Dog Activity tracker
  • Intuitive design

    Lightweight (6 gms), robust and unobtrusive, it won’t get in the way – whatever your dog gets up to. Learn more.
  • Always on

    Go more than six months without losing power or needing to remove and recharge. Learn more.
  • Massive memory

    Stores up to a week’s worth of data and backs up to our unlimited cloud storage. Learn more.
  • Built to last

    Waterproof and playproof. Works in water up to a metre deep for as long as 24 hours. Learn more.