Add Up To 2 Years To Your Dog's Life

With the world's lightest Dog Monitor and tailored diet plans.

Dog Care Made Easy

The PoochPlay Dog Monitor tracks your dog's complete


Track minute by minute activity time, rest time and much more using our small, lightweight and waterproof Dog Monitor. The battery lasts for six months and our easy to use App is completely free. 

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An Dog Monitor Like No Other

Ellie Cox


Amazing customer service, can't fault it

Elinor Nicholson


Poochplay were sad to hear that our dog lost his PoochPlay whilst on a walk and as a goodwill gesture offered an online code to receive a discount for another one. Going above and beyond with customer service.

Nicolette Roses-Agoro


Amazing product! I love all the features and I can't wait to get more dogs just to use PoochPlay even more. Great startup idea!



I have both the mobile app and activity tracker, and have to say I'm very impressed. Both work very well, despite my dogs' love of rolling around in the mud, going for swims and generally causing as much mischief as humanely possible. 

Why PoochPlay?

With PoochPlay, you can find out everything your pup has been up to. We'll tell you how active they've been, how much they’ve rested and remind you of key appointment dates. We’ll even recommend how much food they need to eat!

"The PoochPlay App tells you how much food to feed your dog depending on it’s breed, age, activity and weight."