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Every pooch is different, so our app is too - it's intelligent tech. Personalised activity and diet plans, minute by minute activity tracking, active time (in minutes), rest time, distance travelled and more.

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My dog gets enough exercise - now what?

Download our app for free, choose the brand of food your dog eats, and based on your dog's activity level, age, weight breed, weather and more, get personalised recommendations for your dog’s diet - in grams! (We've got every single dog food in the U.K. on here - Pretty cool, eh?)

Let us summarise - Here's a video.

PoochPlay creates personalised activity, diet and weight management for healthy, happy dogs. Download the app for free today and be the owner your dog deserves.

Our app and tracker work in harmony to bring accurate insight into your dog’s complete wellbeing.


Add up to 2 years to your dog's life with our personalised activity plan. Stop boredom from turning into bad behaviour by keeping your dog stimulated and happy.

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Resting too much could mean that your pooch is in pain. Resting too little could mean anxiety. Our trackers inform you how much time your pooch has spent resting.

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PoochPlay is the only app in the world that let's you choose whatever food you feed your dog and then using expert backed formula works out exactly how many grams of food you should feed your dog - everyday!


We lost one of the trackers belonging to our cocker Alfie, it was still connecting but after turning the house upside down to no avail it turned up in the tumble drier!! So after 45-minute wash with Ariel softened with Lenor and tumbled for 40 minutes at high temperature clipped back on his collar and working fine. Good design I would say!!

– Mrs Barbara Pither (via Trustpilot)

Brilliant product and app - Absolutely love this tracker and the app that supports it. Really simple and easy which is an added bonus. Helps keep my Dachshund Dexter active and I like how you can add their details such as age, weight, height and food and it gives the suggestion for food portion and recommendation for exercise.

– Danielle and Dexter (via the Apple App Store)

The PoochPlay tracker is a great piece of technology. It allows us to monitor our dog's health, exercise and food consumption. It all links up to the app which is so easy to use, and also shows us that the dog walker has actually turned up

– sxclsmaLyf (via the Apple App Store)

Poochplay were sad to hear that our dog lost his PoochPlay whilst on a walk and as a goodwill gesture offered an online code to receive a discount for another one. Going above and beyond with customer service.

– Elinor Nicholson (via Trustpilot)

Designed for owners. Made for dogs.

Be sure your dog is happy, not just happy to see you.

Monitor exercise, sleep and behaviour round the clock

Dog Activity tracker
Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker Dog Activity tracker

With unbeatable insights into your dog's activity needs and our in-depth knowledge about more than 240 individual breeds means complete customised care for your four-legged best friend - or fur-baby (if, like us, you refer to your dog as your child!)

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