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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I have uninstalled your app but I still receive notificationsAnswer: This may happen if you were one of our beta testers. Please restart your phone and this should stop. If you still face this issue then please download and install the latest version of PoochPlay, login, log out, uninstall and restart your phone and this will resolve the issue.

Question: My tracker is installed on my iPhone / Android device but it keeps saying searching and doesn't connect.
Answer: This is nothing to worry about. This can be easily resolved by doing the following steps:

  • Close your app completely
  • Switch the Bluetooth on your phone off
  • Wait for 10 seconds.
  • Switch it back on.

That's it! However, if you still face issue then we may need to have a look at the tracker for you. Please feel free to contact us by clicking this link.