15 Dogs That Do Christmas Better Than Us

Christmas is just around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited! We can’t wait to get comfy by the fireplace snuggling with our favourite pooch. As much as we decorate our houses, wear Christmas jumpers, and spread Christmas cheer our dogs just do Christmas way better than us. Check out our favourite photos of dogs below that by far won Christmas this year!

1. They know how to stay warm and look festive at the same time.Warm and Festive Dog


2. They know how to take cute couple photos.Couple Dog Photo


3. They know how to take a perfect picture with Santa.Dogs Visiting Santa


4. They know how to rock a Santa costume.Santa Paws


5. They know how to properly accept their Christmas gifts.Dog Christmas Gift


6. They know how to match with their buddy.Matching Christmas Jumpers


7. They know how to strike a pose in front of a Christmas tree.Christmas Tree


8. They know how to dress up in festive gear with their BFFs.Pack of Dogs


9. They know how to get ready for pawsome Christmas adventures.Dog Christmas Adventures


10. They know how to get tangled in lights and still get that model shot.Dog Wrapped in Christmas Lights


11. They know how to perfectly coordinate antlers with their outfits.Reindeer Dog


12. They know how to choose the perfect Christmas jumper.Dog Christmas Jumper


13. They know how to dress up as Santa's adorable little helper.Santa's Little Helper


14. They know how to pick the perfect Christmas toy to cuddle with.Dog Christmas Cuddles


15. Lastly, they know how to wait for Santa on Christmas Eve.Dogs Waiting on Santa


We can't deny it dogs really do Christmas better than us! Don't know what to get your adorable pup for Christmas? Check out our PoochPlay activity trackers here!