Blue the Happy Chappy

Meet our PoochPlay dog of the month, Blue the working cocker spaniel. This adorable doggy was born the 20th of September and lives in Aberdeen, Scotland with his mum. We caught up with her to find out more about this cuddly and adventurous pooch.

The Birthday Blue
The night before the 12th of November, Blue’s future owner contacted a lovely breeder to ask if they had any working cocker spaniel puppies. They had one puppy in mind and asked if she could come down the next morning. After a four-hour drive the next day (on her birthday) she completely fell in love with this active and wiggly puppy. On their way home Blue could not stop moving. She brought him a little box of toys to sleep in and all he wanted to do was play around, lick the windows and bite anything in sight. She knew that he was going to be a cheeky little fellow but she loved it.

Cute dog
Happy Chappy
One thing to know about Blue is that he never stops moving. Even his tail is moving and wagging 24 hours a day including when he is sleeping. His owner calls him a “happy chappy” as he is a playful, intelligent, and energetic dog that uses his adorable eyes to his advantage.

No Phone Zone
Blue hates when people are on their mobile phones. For example, when his owner is on Instagram he will growl and sigh until she puts her phone away. In Blue’s mind, his owner has more important things to do like giving him her undivided attention.

Cute dog
Adventurous and Active
Blue loves going out on long walks and runs with his owner. Although she usually ends up walking alone as Blue is off exploring the woods and chasing birds. When he is not outdoors, he loves watching the birds from the window inside her house and will cry until he can go out and chase them away. Blue also loves chewing on anything and everything he can get his paws on. Sometimes his toys even need to be taken away because he would eat them whole if he could. The two toys that have survived are his antler hew and his favourite toy Sid the snake.

Cute dog

Blue and PoochPlay
We here at PoochPlay love Blue and noticed him because of how active he was with his dog activity tracker. He does not stop moving and can easily get 10,000 steps a day. Blue’s owner really enjoys the schedule section, as it reminds her when to brush his teeth and give him a bath.

Cute dog
Toy Protector
Since Blue eats pretty much everything in sight he is always afraid that you are going to take his toys away. When he first greets a new person at his house he will bring a gift (a toy) with him. However, he will only show them the toy and then make sure it is hidden in a safe place. In the winter he was seen burying some toys with his nose in the leaves, nudging at each leaf to make sure it covered his toy. Cute dog

We can’t wait to see what else Blue gets up to this spring. If you want to know more about the adorable Blue you can follow his adventures on Instagram @blue_thecocker20.