Best Pet Tech

We spoil our dogs, there is no doubt about it! We want our dogs to have the best life possible and there are a number of innovative pet tech gifts out there that are not only cool for us as pet owners but can be great for your dog as well. Check out our top 5 Best Pet Tech Gifts below!

The Petzi treat cam is a good way to stay connected to your pooch when you're out and about. Through the Petzi app on your smartphone, you can watch a live video feed of your pet, talk to them, snap some pictures (which you can share on the app’s social network), and even dispense their favourite treats. This small device makes it fun and easy to connect with your pet from anywhere and at any time.
Dog Tech Gift

iFetch Automatic Ball Launcher
The iFetch automatic ball launcher is a great way to keep your dog entertained and active. iFetch comes with ball launchers for both big and small dogs and can be used both inside and outside. Balls can be launched 10, 20, or 30 feet and once the distance is selected just drop the ball into the top and it will be launched out of the machine for your dog to chase.
Dog Tech Gift

Leuchtie LED Dog Collar

This LED collar for dogs is ideal for early morning or night time walks. The collar should be worn in addition to their regular collar as it is designed to make your doggy visible to yourself and others when there is less light. The collar is 100% waterproof and will switch on automatically when it is put over your dog’s head. It is available in multiple colours and sizes to suit you and your dog’s needs.Dog Tech Gift

Foobler Electronic Timed Treat Dispenser
This electronic food dispenser can keep your dog stimulated and engaged throughout the day. It features 6 treat compartments which you can fill with kibble or treats. The Foobler can be set to dispense food at 15, 30, 60, or 90-minute intervals, for up to 8 hours. You can even pre-set a bell to alert your dog that it is time to play and that some food will be dispensed.
Dog Tech Gift

PoochPlay Dog Activity Tracker 
PoochPlay dog activity tracker and app, allows you to monitor and manage your dog’s activity, diet and weight all from your smartphone. The tracker is lightweight, unobtrusive, and built to last. The battery lasts more than 6 months and can store up to a week’s worth of data. With the PoochPlay app you can fill out your dog’s information, breed (over 200 to choose from), the brand of food, and current body condition. Once the tracker is connected you can monitor your dog’s activity in real time which will adjust the amount of food you should give them based on their activity. Lastly, you can also manage your dog’s schedule with PoochPlay’s personal assistant where you can create reminders for your dog to walk, take medication, go pee, or get a vaccination.
Dog Tech Gift

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