5 Reasons Every Kid Needs A Dog

Growing up with an adorable pooch has more benefits than just providing you with a fun childhood. Check out our top 5 reasons why every kid needs a dog below!

1. Dogs Are Awesome BFFs
Dogs can be a child’s go-to play buddy. They won’t yell, fight, or argue and can keep your kid company when their friends are busy or aren’t home. Dog’s are loving by nature so they will always make your child feel wanted.

Courtesy: @lolabostonofthebay

2. Dogs Keep The Doctor Away
Dog ownership has been connected to good health. Since dogs love to play, chase, and run it is easy to get your kids involved. Dogs are great companions for physical activities and they can help your child live a more active lifestyle. Also, scientists have discovered that kids develop stronger immune systems when they had a dog. These children were about 50% less likely to develop allergies and asthma than those who weren’t exposed to dogs growing up.

Courtesy: @curiouscarlito

3. Dogs Help Develop Skills
Spending time with your dog not only has a ton of health benefits but it will help your child develop crucial skills. Your child will learn responsibility as they will start to understand the commitment of caring for an animal. They will begin to learn that it takes a lot of patience, work, respect, and empathy to take care of a dog. Animals have feelings and kids will learn how to show compassion and kindness for something else. Lastly, dogs can help your child develop their social skills as they are bound to interact with other dog owners and children.

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4. Dogs Lead To Family Bonding
Having a dog in the household can help facilitate family bonding. Family activities can center around taking care of the dog such as going on long walks or playing in the park. Dogs can also help brothers and sisters grow closer through their common love of their pet. They can learn to share responsibilities and bond over activities that include their adorable pooch.

 Courtesy: @selenbtunali

5. Dogs Boost Self-esteem
Another benefit of having a dog when you are a child is that it can boost your self-esteem. Growing up can be hard, but having a pet by your side to make you feel better during those bad days can make it a little bit easier. A dog will never judge you, it won’t tell anyone your secrets, and it will always love you no matter what. It is no surprise that studies have shown that dogs tend to reduce anxiety, offer comfort to kids, and build self-confidence.

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There’s no doubt about it dogs really are a child’s best friend. To help your kid understand how much activity your dog gets on a daily basis, download our PoochPlay app and snag one of our dog activity trackers today!