10 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best Pets

Dogs give us so much more then we could ever know. They are loving, loyal, and silly animals that deserve to be treated like royalty (and most of them are). Check out our top 10 reasons why dogs are the best pets below!

Dogs keep our hearts happier, our blood pressure lower, and our immune system stronger.

Healthy and Happy Dog

Dogs keep our beds warm when it is cold at night.

Italian Greyhound

Dogs make us feel better when we are having the absolute worst day.


Dogs make us get off our sofas and explore the world - making us healthier and more active.


Dogs will watch our favourite guilty pleasure TV show with us without judging us or hogging the remote. 


Dogs know how to take hilarious selfies and pose for even better pictures.

Basset Hound

Dogs really know how to snuggle and are our favourite cuddle buddies.

Doggy cuddles

Dogs love us back as they release the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin when interacting with us. How cute?

Dog kisses

Dogs are always excited to see us whether we have been gone for one minute or one day.

Lastly, dogs give us something to laugh and smile about every single day.


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