Top tips on choosing the right vet for your dog

Ever had a doctor you didn’t get on with? When you’re feeling sick, you need to be around someone who makes you feel better. Picking a vet that reassures your dog in a stressful situation is important.



Probably the best way to find out if a local vet is right for you is to ask pet-owning friends and family in the area for recommendations. If you meet someone out dog walking, ask them who their vet is and get the inside tracks before committing.



Much like doctors, plenty of vets specialise in certain types of practice. One vet might be a pro with livestock while another likes to work with small furries. Make sure your vet is a dog-specialist so you know they’ve got the right skills from the off.



Make sure your vet has all the right accreditations and experience to practice veterinary medicine. You should be able to check online or ask to see their licenses at the clinic.



Each vet will have a slightly different approach when it comes to caring for your dog. Make sure you have a discussion with your potential vet about wellness and prevention issues so you know you’re on the same page as them when it comes to pooch care.



Try to pick a vet that’s close to your home. In an emergency, you’re going to want to get there quickly. Are the opening hours suitable for your job and home life? It’s no good choosing a vet that’s only open 9-5 if you need to visit in the evenings or weekends. Make sure you’re happy with the cost too, as vet’s charges can vary wildly – check your budget before you sign anything.



Any signs of anger, fear or distress from your dog towards a vet is bad news. Some dogs hate visiting but they shouldn’t be visibly upset. Move on if they are. And it’s not just your dog who needs to be comfortable – be sure you feel at ease around your vet too, as you’ll need to tell them everything.



Take a look around your potential vet. Is the reception well organised and tidy? Have the floors been swept and does it smell clean? Any sign that things are dirty should ring alarm bells – this is a pooch hospital so it should be as clean as a human one.


Picking your vet is a big decision as they’ll be there with you and your pet from their first vaccination to old age. Once you’ve decided on your pooch’s health care partner, be sure to add all your vet’s details to your PoochPlay app just in case something happens to your dog. And don’t forget that we can help remind you when it’s time to go for a vaccination or worming treatment.


What’s more, the insight PoochPlay gets from monitoring your dog’s total wellbeing means your vet can get a well-rounded picture of your dog’s complete health – so they can help keep that tail wagging, longer.