Top Holidays for You and Your Dog

Your adorable pooch may get anxious and sad when left at home alone as they love to spend time with their owners. It is a great idea to take your furry friend on a trip and explore the world together. Pet-friendly holidays are becoming more and more popular in the UK. Many EU countries now allow the free passage of pets that have pet passports bearing vaccination details between borders. Check out our top 5 holiday ideas below.

1. Dog spa

The Dog Spa in Caerphilly in Wales gives great grooming and hydrotherapy as well as lodging and puppy classes. It provides friendly and personalised service to every dog. We also recommend checking out the pet-friendly holidays hotel The Arch London that provides all pampering at Chelsea’s luxurious Pet Day Spa. The five-star hotel is just a few paws away from Hyde Park.

pet-friendly holidays

2. Dog-friendly Accommodations

Two hotels that are at the top of our pet-friendly holidays list are The Swan Hotel in Southwold and the Trigony House Hotel in Thornhill, Scotland. At The Swan Hotel, your dog can stay in a stylish room with their owner for £10 per night. The hotel also has a dog-friendly beach in the seaside town of Southwold. The Trigony House Hotel, in Thornhill, Scotland also welcomes all guests and their furry friends. The house is surrounded by the rolling hills of Dumfriesshire, so dogs are well catered for with countryside walks to explore the area.

pet-friendly holidays

3. Holiday Cottage

 A holiday cottage is ideal for a big family especially when there may be a few dogs running around. Around 30% of holiday cottages serve customers with pets. If you are not sure whether the cottage is dog-friendly, you could use the “pet-friendly” filter on must cottage websites. Check out Skykes Cottages, Brecon Cottages, or Mulberry Cottages for some ideas.

pet-friendly holidays

4. Beach Holiday

Popular holiday spots around the British coast have different policies with pets, for example, some beaches ban dogs from Easter until October, so do your research to make sure your dog is allowed. Perranporth Beach in Cornwall is a popular summer destination that includes a dog-friendly accommodation. Be aware that the beach is not dog-friendly in July and August. Embleton Bay, in Northumberland, is another dog-friendly spot. This golden sand beach usually has dogs and children exploring the rocking shoreline and adults surrounding the cliffs. Lastly, Mappleton Beach in Yorkshire is a quiet and peaceful beach along the North Sea that is ideal for dog walking. Make sure to double check that all these beaches are dog-friendly during the summer months as these policies are always changing.

pet-friendly holidays

5. National Parks

Taking your dog for a hike in the mountains, forest, or along the lake can be a great experience for them. The fresh air and large area give them lots of space to run around and discover new smells. One forest to visit is Hampshire New Forest which is the ideal escape as it is only a 90-minute train ride from London. It is the perfect place to bring your family and dog as there are lots of outdoor activities to do. Another beautiful outdoor space is the Lake District in Cumbria. This hiking destination would be great for both you and your pooch as they offer trails for all levels. While visiting these national parks, be considerate and clean up your mess.

Are you looking to go on pet-friendly holidays with your dog this summer? There are so many options for you or your pup whether you prefer a doggy spa or a beach trip. It is important to remember that you should always check the airline policies and the hotel policies regarding pets when you plan your journey.

If you would like to track your dog's activity on these fun-filled holidays why not take a dog activity tracker with you? For more information click here