Ronan the Sock Thief

Ronan is one of the newer members of our PoochPlay Pack and that is how we discovered him. He caught our eye as he is an adorable white and brown cocker spaniel from a small village called Ystrad Mynach in the South Wales valleys. He was born on September 20, 2017, making him not even a year old yet. We caught up with his owner so we could know a little bit more about Ronan and to share with you some stories about this cute and active pooch.

First Day Home
Ronan’s owners picked him up the day before Bonfire Night. They were so excited to bring him home to Wales and get him settled into his new bed and with his new toys. However, on his first day, he wouldn’t go for a walk which made his owners very concerned that something was wrong. However, it turns out that he had just eaten a lot of food before they picked him up so he was just chubby and tired. The next day he was running all over the house and exploring his new home.

Cute Dog
The Loyal Spaniel
According to his owners, Ronan is full of life and has so much energy he never stops. He is the most loving and loyal dog and his owners wouldn’t want him any other way. He does not like to leave their side when they are out and about walking. He will even put his paw on his owner’s shoe just so he can stay close.

Favourite Thing
As the title mentions, Ronan’s favourite thing to do is stealing socks. He has a proud collection that he keeps in his bed and proudly parades around the house. He also loves to sit in front of the fire in his home to keep warm especially after he gets all wet during his walks.

Cute Dog
Terrific Tricks
Ronan can do the usual tricks of a well-behaved pup like sitting, giving paw and laying down. His most recent trick is opening a package of crisps. His owner reassured us that this isn't a trick he does on a daily basis but it is an unusual and fun trick he learned.

Funny Puppy
One funny story that Ronan’s owner shared with us was about his first time to the beach when he was around four months old. They wanted him to experience going in the sea so they expected that at most he would dip his toes in to get used to the water. They were in for a surprise as within five minutes Ronan was up to his nose in water and one of them had to go and rescue him. The beach day was cut short as both owner and dog were fully soaked and needed a change of clothes and a towel.

Wet Dog
The Pheasant
Ronan’s favourite toy is his pheasant. So far he is on pheasant number three as there have been a few casualties with stuffing flying everywhere. Ronan wanted us to mention that none of that was his fault.

Active Pooch
Ronan is a new member of the PoochPlay pack. He loves his dog activity tracker and very rarely does he not achieve 150% of his daily goal. He is often in competition with his humans and their FitBit’s to see who has done the most activity for the day.

Dog Activity Tracker
Ronan’s owner said that “From the moment we had Ronan he has changed our lives. There is no better feeling than coming home to your best friend who’s so happy to see you.” We couldn’t agree more!

They have enjoyed visiting so many places with Ronan and always let him experience new things on his travels. We can’t see what else Ronan gets up to this year. If you would also like to keep up with Ronan follow him on Instagram @ronanthecockerspaniel.

Active Dog