Meet Winston And Wilma, The Springer Duo From North Devon

If you haven’t met these adorable springer pups from North Devon we would love to introduce you. We caught up with Winston and Wilma’s owner Lucy the other day to get the low down on the cuddly and loyal pair.

The Beginning
Winston was born the 7th of May, 2015 (his birthday is next week) and Wilma was born the 1st of September, 2017. Wilma was brought to her new home a couple days early as she liked the taste of the breeder's carpet a little too much. Wilma had similar markings to Winston so even though Wilma was the first puppy Lucy saw she fell in love instantly. Winston was so welcoming to the new puppy Wilma and had no problem sharing his home.

Puts the Spring in Springer
Wilma is crazy (in a good way) as she puts the spring in Springer. She makes Lucy laugh all the time as she is constantly pulling a funny face or doing something silly. Winston is more laid back between the two of them. He always looks forward to a nice nap after his walks.

Bed Stealers
Both Winston and Wilma love running upstairs to their owner's room and stealing her bed. Winston will nestle his nose under the covers to get comfy where Wilma likes being on top of the duvet with a soft toy in her mouth and her tongue hanging out to the side.

Dog Models
They love going on walks, chasing pheasants, cuddles, and of course food. They also love having their photos taken as they are quite the models. Winston purposely poses when they go for walks just to make sure that his owner snaps the perfect shot of him.

Need a Laugh
These energetic dogs make their owner laugh on a daily basis. Wilma has picked up Winston’s digging habits and when she is digging on the beach she gets confused as to where her hole disappears to when the waves fill it up with water. They also love watching animals on TV and Wilma tries finding the birds that were once on the screen.

Tracking the Springers
Winston and Wilma have been using their PoochPlay dog activity trackers for a while now. They have the extreme tracker band which helps ensure that the trackers stay safe when they go out on adventures in the woods. The trackers are small enough that Winston and Wilma don’t even know that they are there which allows them to be their energetic and active selves. Its safe to say that they are always getting more than 100% of their daily activity.

Last Little Bit
Wilma absolutely loves water. She dives in the bathtub, has her own personal paddling pool, loves to surprise her owner in the shower, and blows buddles in her water bowl. She spends her days chasing and jumping at anything in sight including flies, butterflies, snow, and rain. On the other hand, Winston loves digging down the rabbit and mouse holes in the field. He is forever walking back with a muddy face looking even more adorable than usual.

Would you like to see more photos of these sweet and silly springers on adventures? Check out their Instagram profile @winston_wilma_adventures.

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