How to Keep your Pooch Hydrated All Summer Long

As the temperatures continue to rise and the time spent outdoors increases it is extremely important to keep your pooch hydrated. Before your dog heads out into the summer heat, check out some of our tips to keep them cool below.

Be flexible.

When the sun is shining you may be encouraged to spend your days outside enjoying the beautiful and hot weather. However, since dogs don’t sweat the same way we do it can be a lot harder for them to cool down. Dogs sweat through the pads of their feet and by releasing heat through panting. To make sure you and your dog can still enjoy outdoor activities we suggest doing things either early in the morning or in the evening so you can avoid the hottest part of the day. Also, when it is very hot outside make sure to keep their walks shorter.

Always have water on hand.

It is crucial to have fresh water on hand for your pup every time you head out of the house. Make sure to grab a bottle of water and a travel bowl so your dog can drink even when you are on the move. Another thing to consider is that you should have multiple water bowls in your house whether your dog wants to sit outside or prefers to hang out in the kitchen.


keep your pooch hydrated

Adjust your dog’s diet.

We suggest two ways that you can adjust your dog’s diet during the summer months. First, if your dog usually eats kibble consider adding water to it. This will keep your dog more hydrated than regular kibble would. Second, we would suggest incorporating wet food into their diet. Wet food can contain up to 80% more moisture than dry food, which can go a long way to keep your pooch hydrated.

Provide ice cubes as treats

There are many ways you can use ice cubes and frozen treats to keep your pooch hydrated. Adding ice cubes to your dog’s water bowl will make it extra refreshing and cool for them throughout the day. Also, you can give your dog ice cubes as treats for them to snack on.

keep your pooch hydrated

Hydrate during exercise.

If you are going for a long walk or a play in the park it is essential that you give your pup water throughout the day. It is recommended that you give small amounts of water every 15-20 minutes when your dog is active.

Signs of Dehydration

- Drooling and excessive panting
- High temperature
- Fatigue and dizziness
- Floppy skin

Things to Remember

Make sure that you never leave your dog in a hot car, not even for a few minutes as the temperature can quickly rise. According to the RSPCA, if it is 22C outside, within an hour it can be 47C inside the car. This is no place for a dog. Lastly, be particularly careful with short-nosed dogs, older dogs, and those who are overweight as they are more likely to get heatstroke on hot summer days.

keep your pooch hydrated
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