Dogs Who Have Unexpected BFFs

We all love dogs as they are loyal, fun, and affectionate creatures. However, sometimes we aren't the only ones they love. Check out 12 unexpected dog's BFF

1. The young and playful friend.
(@louisefrancis8 on Instagram)

2. The extremely protective friend.
(@isobel_springett on Instagram)

3. The troublemaker friend.
(@pumpkintheraccoon on Instagram)

4. The small and adorable friend.
(@zelda_paradox on Instagram)

5. The friend that may be a little different than the rest but still awesome.
(@leearthaus on Instagram)

6. The curious friend.
(@raphe1234 on Instagram)

7. The silly friend who likes to clown around.
( on Instagram)

8.The friend who likes to cuddle even when it isn't the right time.
(@hi_pets_world on Instagram)

9. The friend who likes to get in all your pictures.
(@rudiethereindeer on Instagram)

10. The friend who will sit extremely close to you even when there is loads of room.
(@cai.the.service.saviour on Instagram)

11. The friend you like to take cute selfies with.
(@_magicfox_ on Instagram)

12. Lastly, the friend you originally didn't like but now love.
(@r2ppet on Instagram) 

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