Darling Dottie

Dottie, the adorable working cocker spaniel from Tendering, Essex, just welcomed a bunch of tiny and cute cockapoo puppies. We have been keeping up with her for some time now so we thought we would introduce you. 

First Day and Birthday 
Dottie was brought home on the 22nd of December in 2016 quite late so her owners settled her down and got her to bed. The next day they were able to get to know her. She loved to pounce around and had pin-sharp teeth. She was, as she still is, a very cuddly dog. The first official day everything revolved around her and no one could get enough cuddles. Dottie’s birthday is the 27th of October 2016 and her owners like to spoil her on her special day. They celebrate by taking her on her favourite walks and giving her lots of treats. Since her birthday is in October the weather isn’t too hot so they can spend the whole day out. This year on Dottie’s birthday they will be going on a long hike to find a waterfall. They will finish the day with some birthday ice cream after a special dinner.

Dottie the Model
If you have ever seen any photos of Dottie, you will see that she does the best head tilt ever and loves to do a cute puckered lip. She has a big personality and knows how to get whatever she wants. She doesn’t know much about personal space as she loves cuddles and always wants to sit on someone’s lap. She is a very sensitive dog and can be very shy when you first meet her. However, if you have treats she will instantly love you.

Walk Anyone?
Walks are by far Dottie’s favourite thing to do, especially if she is off the lead. To cool down in the heat she loves to do “treat bobbing” which is apple bobbing but with treats in the pool. She is also a keen learner, as she always is learning new tricks. For example, she can do sit pretty, crawl, spin to the right or left, tap her best friend, say hello, and shy girl (which Dottie and her owner are still working on).

Be Careful of Your Floors
There are a number of funny stories about Dottie, however, there is one that sticks out in her owner’s mind. One time, they left her alone for a short time with the freedom of exploring the entire living room. However, that short time was enough for her to rip up the entire linoleum flooring. It is safe to say that they now have different flooring that Dottie will hopefully not be able to destroy.

PoochPlay and Dottie
Dottie and her owner love using our PoochPlay activity tracker as it has become a place where she can go and grab information about Dottie quickly and easily. They love how they have been able to add her food to the app and to find out how much exercise she has done. Lastly, they really adore the pink casing as it looks beautiful on Dottie.

New Mum
As mentioned above, there has been some really exciting news for Dottie over the last couple of weeks. She had some adorable cockapoo puppies a little under two weeks ago and her owner has said that she is a great mum. Dottie has got back to her energetic self – with even more bursts of energy before she was pregnant. Her puppies are also growing so fast. They are planning on keeping a girl, however, it is proving very difficult to decide which one they want. Eventually, Dottie and her daughter will be sharing their adventures together on Instagram.

If you would love to see more photos of Dottie on adventures and her adorable puppies follow her on Instagram @adventureswithdottie.