Can My Dog Eat That?

Dogs love to eat, there is no question about that. However, dogs don’t know what is good or bad for them so it is up to their owners to be cautious and aware of what they feed their dogs. Want to know more? Check out below.

YES. Banana’s are safe for your dog to eat as long as they aren’t eating too many of them. These tasty fruits have a ton of benefits for your dog as they are high in fibre, vitamin B, and potassium.

NO. Until recently it was not known that you should not give your dog grapes. However, it has now been discovered that they can be associated with kidney failure so keep them as far away from your dog as possible.

YES. Apples can be good for your dog due to all the vitamins that they contain. However, they should only be consumed in moderation and make sure that your adorable pooch does not eat the stem, core, seeds, or peel. 

NO. Although pomegranates are a healthy food for humans, the same cannot be said for dogs. Since the edible part of pomegranates is seeds, this makes it extremely difficult for dogs to digest even in small amounts.

YES. If you're looking for a healthy snack for dogs, carrots are a wonderful option. Carrots are good for your dog’s eyes, skin, and coat.

NO. Corn is a food that dogs should generally stay away from. Although a small amount would not harm your dog, it can be very hard for your pooch to digest so it is better to avoid corn altogether.


YES. Cooked fish can be great for a dog’s diet as it is a lean meat that contains lots of omega fatty acids. Make sure that the fish is thoroughly cooked, doesn’t contain any spices or salt, and has no bones.

NO. Another food that your dog should avoid at all costs is gum. Not only is it difficult to digest but it contains a chemical that can cause severe blood sugar crashes. 

YES. Lots of dogs love cheese, some even more than humans. Cheese can be given to dogs but it is best if it is only in small amounts. Make sure to stay away from cheeses that are super high in fat or that contain harmful ingredients.

NO. Since chocolate is considered toxic to dogs, even in the smallest amounts, it should never be consumed by dogs. Remember the darker the chocolate the more dangerous it is to dogs.

Be sure to always check what foods are healthy or harmful to your doggy. Even the foods that you can feed your dog make sure that you only give it to them in moderation as dog food is best. If you would like to track what your dog eats and the amount of activity they get, download our PoochPlay app and get our dog activity tracker today!