Are you sure you know how to care for your dog in the summer?

It’s not as straightforward as you might expect. While we can always whip off our t-shirts to stay cool, our pooch pals need a bit of help keeping their their temperature down when the mercury rises. Keep them safe with this advice.



Dogs get dehydrated fast. Many breeds can’t self-regulate their temperature so need a helping hand, especially in the height of summer. Zaila Dunbar, Vet of the Year 2012 from Queens Park Vets warns that ‘dehydration can be difficult to detect in some cases but if your dog is panting lots, breathing fast and seems lethargic, it is important to have them checked by a vet.’


Pups with short snouts suffer the most as they can’t get rid of the heat as easily. Clock your dog’s schedule in the PoochPlay app and get reminders when it’s time to top up their water bowl and seek some shade.



We’ll send you a nudge when the weather’s cooled down and it’s time to take a walk – dogs don’t like to exercise in the heat and it’s not good for them. Make sure they’re never stuck in a space that’s likely to overheat – especially the car.


Swimming, paddling and splashing around in the water is a great way for your pup to stay cool – and get some exercise in too. The PoochPlay activity tracker is waterproof too, so you never need to take it off.



A good brush to remove any remaining winter coats or thick fur can help stop your pooch from overheating. Thick undercoats need more attention, so use a fine brush with metal teeth to really get it out. Experts say that a decent wash can also remove nearly all the undercoat, so remember to keep up the tub visits during the summer months. Or simply put a reminder in your PoochPlay app and we’ll make sure you never miss a bath.



The grass grows longer in the summer and with it comes more ticks, parasites and fleas. Make sure you dog is up-to-date with worming schedules for potentially dangerous diseases like lungworm. Grass seeds can be particularly dangerous, as they can get buried into paw pads and even block nasal passages – see our post on foxtail grass later for more detail on how to deal with them.



Most pooches have dark skins so are quite well protected against the sun, but their noses and ears can get scorched if the sun is really strong. Try to keep them out of direct sunlight during the hottest parts of the day and if you have to go outside, make sure there’s plenty of shade.

 PoochPlay can help your dog have a healthy, happy summer. Download today and keep your dog active, cool and chilled out all season long.


Source: Style Tails