Meet Boo: The Loving Sometimes Stubborn German Wirehaired Pointer

If you haven’t met Boo (through her Instagram and Twitter pages) then we would like to formally introduce you. Boo, the German Wirehaired Pointer, was born almost two years ago on 29th January 2016. She lives on the Kent Coast with her family just 100 metres from the beach. We caught up with her owner Claire to find out more about one of our favourite active pooches, so check out some of the highlights from our conversation below.

Happy Dog 

Bringing Boo Home
Boo was the smallest of the litter from a breeder in Leicestershire, but that didn’t matter to her owner as they thought she was perfect just the way she was. Boo was the last puppy to be picked up from the breeder as she was 9 weeks ago. Right when her owners entered the breeders, Boo came bounding towards them full of confidence and energy. Their hearts melted and they knew that she would be the perfect fit.

Sleeping Puppy

Cute puppy

Loving, Independent, and Stubborn
Those are some of the words that would be used to describe Boo. Her owner characterises Boo as the most loving dog ever and if you let her get close enough she will affectionately nibble your ears. She is also incredibly stubborn as she can turn into a 28kg solid lump if she does not want to move. If you are trying to make the bed when she is leaning against it, it becomes almost impossible.

 Playing dog

A few of Boo’s Favourite Things
Boo has two favourite toys - her squeaky pig lavender and her Kong ball. Lavender was Boo’s first toy ever and she will make sure that it never gets lost. She will put her nose all the way to the bottom of her toy box to find it. Lavender has been washed so many times it's hard to count but it will always be her favourite. The Kong ball was found by Boo in their back garden from the previous owner’s dog. Although it’s no Lavender, it is still one of her favourite toys.

 Silly Dog

Tell us a Story
Boo makes her owners laugh every single day whether she is sleeping sprawled out and upside down or when she is excited to go the vet. On her trips to the vet, she will just walk in and plonk herself on the scales and wait for her treat. If you follow Boo on Instagram or Twitter it will be no surprise that she can’t stay clean. She loves muddy puddles and will get covered from head to toe whenever she has the chance.

 Playful Dog

Boo and her PoochPlay
Since Boo is such an active dog, she is regularly seen wearing her PoochPlay dog activity tracker while running on the beach and playing in the water. She doesn’t notice the small device on her collar and her owner says that it's very easy to fit and use. Interested in her tracker? Click here for more info!

Dog Activity Tracker 

If you want to know more about Boo the adorable, sociable, a caring dog follow her on Twitter or Instagram @hayhurstboo to keep up with all her adventures. We can’t wait to see what Boo will get up to in 2018!

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