Insta-friendly: 5 steps to get the perfect picture of your pooch

Scroll through the photographs on your phone’s camera roll. Are 90% of them of your dog? Of course they are: those puppy dog eyes, silky ears and cute snoozes are all picture-worthy moments.


But getting the perfect snap can be tricky. It’s hard to get them to look directly at the camera, the lighting probably isn’t quite right and they probably won’t want to stay still. So here are some tips to help you take better pictures of your dog.


  1. Only eyes for you

Trying to get your dog to look in your direction can be difficult. Standing there with a camera or phone in front of your face – and not a toy – is an excuse to forget their name. Tempt their attention with a treat or tennis ball and hold it next to your camera to get them focusing in the right place.


  1. Cheesy grins

How can you get your dog to grin at you like the best friend he is? Saying ‘cheese’ probably won’t work (unless you’re very good at dog training!) Instead, try playing with your dog before you take a picture. Get them excited and running around and the energy will show on their face when you grab that action shot.


  1. Lights down low

We’re guessing by now you’re not a professional pet photographer, so it’s probably best to avoid the flash. It can be your picture look washed out or over-processed, especially if your pooch has dark fur. Take pictures in the morning or at dusk, with warm natural light to show their best side.


  1. Work their angle

The classic cute shot: get your dog looking up while you look down. Always a winner, but you’ve probably got a fair few on your camera already. Play with angles for more interesting shots. Get your face level with theirs for some straight on shots, or try shooting them from below.


  1. Be open

Change tactics if what you’re doing isn’t working. If your dog hates sitting still, get an action shot. Always be ready because your pooch could strike a snap-worthy pose at any moment. You might get a picture you’d never thought of by letting your pup take the lead.


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Source: I Heart Dogs