Danger at home: 3 household plants that could be toxic for your dog

Style-savvy homeowners nationwide are packing their property with plants: a trend that’s as good for your design cred as it is for your lungs. Lush and vibrant, plants make your home inviting and homely – a brilliant way to attract buyers when you want to sell your house fast.


But pooches are built differently for us and what’s a breath of fresh air to you and me could be fatal for your pup. Here are three of the most common household plants to watch out for:




[embed a picture of jade plant]


This popular succulent is one of the most easy to care for houseplants going and is often featured in magazines. But beware: they’re poisonous to dogs so keep them out of reach at all times.


Symptoms to watch for:



Slow heart rate




Again, this houseplant is hard to kill, making it a popular choice for those of us that are a little less green-fingered. Yet it’s one of the most toxic plants out there – dangerous to adults, children and dogs. Always wash your hands after handling and keep well away from wandering teeth.


[embd a photo]


If your dog starts vomiting or has diarrhea, take them to the vets at once and tell them you’ve got a Zanzibar gem at home.  Store your vet’s emergency contact details in PoochPlay, so when you’re in a hurry, you can dial them directly without wasting a precious moment.



Despite it’s reputation as one of nature’s great healers, the actual plant leaves of this magical frond can be life-threatening to your pooch. Keep it well out of reach and keep an eye out for the following symptoms:





Red-tinged urine


Loss of appetite



Source: Pretty Fluffy