7 Dog Sleeping Positions And The Secrets They Reveal About Your Pooch

Dogs like to flop down in all kinds of funny positions. But the way your pooch snoozes reveals more about their health and happiness than simply a penchant for a plant pot. We reveal the meaning behind the mystery sleeping positions below.

1. Over Easy

Why is it so funny when our dog adopts a human position? Paws up and belly exposed, on their back is a great position to cool off in the summer or after exercise, thanks to thinner tummy fur and exposed sweat glands. But it also makes your dog vulnerable, leaving vital organs exposed and is a tricky position to jump up from in case of danger. You should take this as a compliment as it means that your dog trusts you completely and feels secure around you. 

Over Easy Dog Sleeping Position

2. To The Side

Another key indicator that your pet is feeling safe and loved is the classic side flop. To make themselves feel even more supported, many dogs will find something to rest their back against, like a wall or chair. Sleeping in this position often means your dog is in a deep slumber – and could even be dreaming. Dogs don’t often get to the restorative sleep phase as they’re usually on alert for danger, so don’t disturb them if you see them sleeping this soundly.

To The Side Dog Sleeping Position

3. Flat Out Front

Sprawled out on their belly with their legs akimbo, this is another contender for the funniest sleeping position. Often adopted by younger dogs grabbing forty winks between play, it usually means your pooch is just having a quick nap. This can also mean your dog is feeling active – so well done for keeping those energy levels high.

Flat Out Dog Sleeping Position

4.  Curled Up Tight 

Nose tucked under the tail, this is the most natural of positions for sleeping dogs. It conserves warmth, protects their vital organs and means they can jump to their feet in seconds if they need to. Much like the human fetal position, it’s a comforting pose that makes them feel safer. They could also just be snuggled into a ball to keep themselves warm in winter. Either way, because they’re less relaxed in this muscle-constricting position, they’re unlikely to enter a deeper sleep.

 Curled Up Tight Dog Sleeping Position

5. Half Moon

It can be tricky to know exactly what this position means but it is when your dog is not curled up as tightly. For younger dogs, it can just be an indicator that they’re ready to bounce back up to play at any point and are cosy on their stomachs. But for older or less energetic pups, it could mean they’re feeling stressed or anxious. It can be difficult for dogs to fall into REM sleep while their muscles are contracted – keep an eye out for anything that could be stressing your pooch out.

Half Moon Dog Sleeping Position

6. ‘The Sphynx’

You know the lion with the human head near the Pyramids of Giza? Well, that’s what this sleeping position reminds us of. Back legs tucked in with front legs stretched out in front, your dog can easily bound up to play from here. It’s not the most relaxing of positions, so usually suggests a nap rather than settling down for the night. Perhaps your dog is worried about missing out on something so is dozing in just the lightest of ways.

 ‘The Sphynx’ Dog Sleeping Position

7. Big Spoon or Little Spoon?

A sure sign your dog is feeling affectionate, this loving position is probably the cutest of them all. Puppies tend to fling a paw over their litter mates or snuggle up next to them when they’re sleeping, but all dogs indulge in a bit of spooning given the chance. The ultimate in security and comfort, it’s a great position for bonding and showing their adoration to a fellow pet, you – or even a favourite toy.

Big Spoon or Little Spoon Dog Sleeping Position

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